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The premium and efficient way to set up your business. This package ensures your business everything it will need to be successful from the start. This package includes the business essentials as well as premium marketing pieces that will grow the success of your business and get your name out into your audience. 


This fully loaded package includes: 


1. The set up of your business’ credit. 

2. The set up and guidance of payroll to ensure to set you the employer up for success. 

3. All Virtual Services at a discounted rate to ensure competitive rates.

 4. Offers different banking solutions to find the right one for you and your business. 

5. The set up and origination of your company LLC and EIN. 

6. Professional Company email set up and help with an email marketing strategy 

7. Assistance with state and federal compliances 

8. A full website set up and design. 

9. Full business card designs 


BONUS ESSENTIAL: Complimentary 500 business cards shipped directly to your business!


Business Essentials Premium

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