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Everything you need to jumpstart your business! These essentials will provide you with everything you need to start up your business the RIGHT WAY.


What’s included: 


1. We will help you begin to build credit for your business to set you up for success starting day one. 


2. Our team will assist you with setting up payroll and payroll related activities to ensure you the most proficient process for paying yourself and your employees. 


3. We provide all of our virtual services at a discounted rate. 


4. We will provide you with banking solutions to ensure your business’ financials are in order. 


5. The set up of your LLC and EIN, bringing your company up to state and federal standards. 


6. We set up professional business email (s) for your business. 


7. We assist with all aspects of state compliance so you never feel alone in your business endeavors. 


Business Essentials +

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