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There's A Shift Coming.....

I went to a convention back in June and it changed me forever. I became more discipline. I started to speak less and think more. I started controlling things I never could control previously, like my time, what I put in my body, human beings I invested in. I was changing in the blink of an eye. Everything changed, I became distant from the friendship group I had, family became less of a priority to me. I started seeing life differently. It's like I could see through people's intentions. It was kinda freaky. I struggled for years seeing people's intentions, it's like every person that ever meant anything to me. I could see right through them. I was freaking out. All I could think is 28 years, so naive. I went away from social media. When I'd return it'd be for promoting the new projects I'd be releasing. I still would post my experiences in my stories and snaps. I just felt this shift coming......

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