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I Think You're The Next Millionaire

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Many want to acquire wealth, but they simply do not want the responsibility of the hard work that’s involved with obtaining wealth. Time management is everything, you can work everyday and still make time to work on projects or hobbies. Look how many people work out in the morning and at night. There’s 168 hours in a week, how much of it are you spending doing nothing? How much of it are you spending watching other people’s lavish lives on Instagram?

Are you wishing on a star? Are you putting in the work necessary to go far? To become a millionaire starts with a mindset of knowing you’ll put in any amount of work to see it become your reality. Most millionaires still have a day job or something they’re obligated to do that pays them on a stable basis. Even if their business or endeavor has taken off, you need balance, humbleness and commitment.

You’re reading this post because you think you are the next millionaire or did you think this was some pyramid scheme to become the next millionaire? PUT IN THE WORK! That means KEEP GRINDING! Start waking up early, working on your business or talent, early mornings, late nights.

Millennials, it’s time to step that work ethic up. Some of the things we love don’t pay, we can’t survive like that. Why not keep climbing in the everyday real world and chase your dreams too. I love to write. I started a blog. I still go to work every single day because I found two dreams, a dream in my career and a dream in my hobby. Take your ass to work, work on your next comedy special, YT show when you get off or before you start. Millennials truly have the tools to be a dual threat. Working Fortune 500 companies by day and “Lil Bandana,” at night.

You see so many people blow up and lose balance, lose sight. Twenty five years from now, I’ll be running this brand and I’ll still be working my day job. I couldn’t imagine running a blog every single day and all day of my life. Think about it, stop thinking you’re too good to still work while chasing your dreams. DO BOTH!

You want to relax? RELAX WHEN YOU’RE RICH! You want to be the next big rap star, first thing’s first, the hustle doesn’t stop. YouTube and Soundcloud can’t possibly fund the expensive lifestyle you rap about. The lifestyle you’re dreaming about is in reach. Make adjustments and get after it! We are rooting for you!

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