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The Overnight Millionaires

Two Millennials started a company together with one goal in mind, to inspire the Millennial generation. The Overnight Millionaires is a welcome party to anyone who wants to become a millionaire. Keep going, and one day it’ll look like it happened overnight. “We loved our company’s name, Millennial Millionaire, it’s a powerful mindset to achieve anything in life. The name change was decided because we didn’t want to single out anyone, or any other generation. It was the most important reason to change our company name. We welcome everyone to The Overnight Millionaires movement. Thank you to everyone that has supported our company and continues to do so. Our current inventory with the MME logo or labels will remain as a tribute to our original company name. There’s new “Overnight Millionaire” shirts available to celebrate the company’s name change on the website. All new inventory will be labeled under the new company name, “The Overnight Millionaires.”


Thank you to every subscriber and customer. We are excited for the future. We are actively rebranding and expanding. The online store remains active and open to shop throughout the changes.

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