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Business Essentials

Business Essentials is here!

The Operations Team

Virtual Assistant Services


Live Your Millionaire

Rolex Corleone's World

The Most Anticipated Arrival.

O M beanie

Overnight Millionaire collection.


Stay Warm, The Millionaire Way. New colors available here!

Deeper Than Football

New shirts weekly inspired by the game of football. A girl's favorite sport.

New York Inspired Collection

Inspired by New York City.

Forex Collection

Shop the Foreign Exchange collection.


All your favorites right in one place. Shop faves here.

Just For Kids

Styles for the kids that's our future millionaires.

Swagger Joggers

Everyone loves joggers, add some swag here.


Tomorrow's next millionaire styles. Shop here.


Treat yourself here. View our VIP styles.

Luxury Socks

Walk Like A Millionaire.

City To Millionaire

Are you the next millionaire in your city?

Shopping For The Summer

Shop our summer styles here.


Over 40 selections under $40 bucks.

NGZ apparel

Shop No Gen Z Left Behind apparel to help support the nonprofit organization.

Currency Tees

Shop our currency collection of tees in different colors and pairs.

Name Change Statement

Official statement regarding our company's name change.

The Rachel Pips Group

Digital investing & mentorship. Learn more here.


Not sure how to start investing or trading CRYPTO, STOCKS, ETC? Click here for exclusive invite for the overview.

We See A Gen Z World

We see a financially stable world that will be powered by Gen Z.

Unlock your dream home!

Unlock your dream home.

Got Solar?

ZERO DOWN, up to 26% tax credit, combat increasing utility rates. Set up your free consultation.

New York City Freestyle

What happened in New York City?

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for financial increase? Fill out this form.


It's genius to learn from someone else's mistakes. Monthly blunder right here.

Brand Ambassador

Are you interesting in becoming a brand ambassador? Learn more here.

Destination Designers

Learn more about the partnership with Destination Designers.


No Gen Z Left Behind Foundation. Learn more and donate here.


Established during the Pandemic, take a look at MME's timeline.

About Us

The start of MME.

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