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Gahm & Greer Innovation Center

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Gahm & Greer Innovation Center provides a safe haven for innovators. The Innovation Center will consist of  6 different phases. 

- No Gen Z Left Behind Event Hall 

- Financial Freedom Musuem

- Technology Clubhouse 

- Gahm's Photography Studio 

- Greer's Shark Tank 

- MME's Wall Street 

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The Story

"The heart of my family roots starts in Tennessee. My great grandfather bought residential land and my family built their homes on it. I really wanted to carry the torch and follow his footsteps with the mission to provide resources to all families. We purchased the land with the idea to build a safe haven for innovation. GGIC embraces the youth, kids are more genius because their minds aren't clouded by society. They're freely themselves. We want to fully embrace the future right here in the present."

  - Greer 

Meet Us 

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