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There is so much to be said about Generation Y because Millennials aren’t exactly traditional. Millennial Millionaire was started by  two Millennials, both millennials felt so passionate about their own success stories that they wanted to start a movement. A movement that is growing daily all over the world. Millennial Millionaire is a statement, it’s a way of life, Millennial Millionaire is a goal and a response to everyone who underestimates the Millennial Generation. 


The two entrepreneurs decided to start a shirt business together, a shirt business to empower other Millennials like they’ve empowered each other. The shirt business turned into so much more, because they wanted to spread the MME brand not just on shirts. Now, the Millennial Millionaire brand  is a full apparel line. MME has a mission and that is to spread confidence and support to  millennials all over the world. They say Millennials are lazy, so MME's  goal is to push the Millennial Generation to become wealthy and retire early.

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