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Every year 8 million metric tons of trash enters the ocean, that is on top of the 500 million metric tons that is already circulating through the ocean. 4Ocean is a company that cleans up trash in the oceans all over the world. This company started their mission in Bali, Indonesia where they began to clean the plastic from the oceans. The company grew a following to keep the world informed of the crisis of plastic in our oceans and promote cleaner oceans by selling 4Ocean bracelets that are made of 100% recyclable material right from the ocean it was pulled from! Each 4Ocean Bracelet represents a different animal in that area that was saved due to your contribution to cleaner oceans. We decided to partner with Destination Designers, a travel company, to complete their mission of pulling 500lbs of trash from the ocean each year!


Each bracelet purchased, pulls a pound of trash from the ocean! 


Which animal will you save today?

Use "MME4Ocean," at checkout

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